April Open House

The CLFC April open house will be on Saturday April 6th, from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm. The Open House is free for anyone and everyone. Come meet the coaches, take a introductory class, and see fencing demonstrations. The club address is:

1650-C Dickinson Ave
Dickinson, TX 77586

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5 Responses to April Open House

  1. Fe Marie Evangelista says:

    We were there today as well as last week for both posted Open House dates and no one was there. There was another parent there who brought her sons and said that they had been showing up everyday this week and no one has bothered to show up. Is this really how you are running your club? It is a shame since there are kids who are really interested.

  2. karenburnham says:

    I really can’t apologize enough for the inconvenience to you, your child, and the other parent. The executive committee of CLFC is working with our coaches to determine the cause of this poor state of affairs.

  3. I talked to Damien on Tuesday and he told me there would be an Open House June 1st from 11-12. We showed up and there was no one there. What is up?

    • karenburnham says:

      My understanding is that Damien had car troubles at the last minute, and the person called to stand in for him couldn’t get down there until after 11:30. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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